Time Saving Beauty Hacks

Time saving beauty hacks – How to do your makeup, fast! 

If you are a busy mum,  professional woman or live life on the fast lane, always on the go-go then you won’t have time to devote twenty minutes to your basic makeup routine every morning.
The trick to get your makeup looking great in a hurry is not to try and fit everything into the limited amount of time you do have, your face will only end up looking half finished.
You could adopt a makeup strategy,Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.38.20 PM one that gets you looking better as the day goes on (After all, how much makeup do you need for a 9am meeting?).

Follow these steps and you will always be wearing the right face at the right time, and it will take you no time at all!

EARLY MORNING: Apply the basics 
Daylight doesn’t drain red tones from your face as artificial light does, therefore in the morning you can get away with wearing less makeup.

  1. Apply Moisturiser and blot off. Put on the moisturiser that keeps your skin refreshed and shine free during the day and then blot off the excess with a tissue. 
  2. Powder and Press. Apply a Mineral Powder foundation, it will add protection, coverage and moisturising properties.
  3. Blush a Bit. A light dusting of blush is plenty for early morning and can be intensified as the day goes on
  4. Add a Little Lash. A layer of mascara will be suffice and will look more natural with this minimal makeup. 
  5. Finish with Lips. Sweep across your lips a lip gloss or lipstick if you prefer. Keep to neutral tones to keep your makeup looking natural and sheer. 

LUNCH TIME: Work out your eyes 
The light at midday becomes right for more eye makeup. Simply take 5 minutes before you leave for lunch to do these few steps;

  1. Add more mascara ; Apply a second layer of mascara
  2. Highlight The Eyes; Add a sweep of shadow on the outside of your lid and across 
  3. Add Definition; A rim of darker eye pencil, applied just at the lower lash base and smudged, puts a gorgeous new focus on your eyes.  
  4. Balance your Blush; Re apply your blush a little stronger to stand up to the new intensity of your eye makeup
  5. Redefine Your Lips; As a finishing touch, refresh your lipstick and away you go!  

Make your makeup work for you. By dedicating a little time to your face at the right time of the day you will look like a brand new Super Mum.

5 Speedy Makeup Tips! 

1. To save on time use products that you can utilize for different things, such as foundation that can work as concealer, Blush that can used as eye makeup,  and double ended lipstick pencils. 6deaa2790d335eef_face-mist.preview

2.Try using 2-in-1 thick lipstick-pencils, they are ultra moisturizing and give off the look of a creamy lipstick while still lining and sculpting your lips the way a pencil does.

3.If in a hurry powder on a neutral blush over your forehead, cheeks, chin and temples. It will make your skin healthy and you can wear it with or without foundation.

4.Skip eye makeup and apply two layers of thick mascara, it defines the eyes instantly.

5. Utilise your lip gloss, it can be applied on your lips but also on your temples as a highlighter and on your eyes for a glossy look.

Have a fabulous week everyone xxx

Vibrant Blue & Violet Eye Makeup

Enjoy this lil makeup vid I shot of a Makeup look completely inspired by Mitchell MUA and his incredible work!

Check out his channel here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdjd…


E Y E S ⋆
Morphe 35B Palette
MAC Cosmetics White Chrome Paint (in crease)
Phoenix Water Resistant Black Mascara http://bit.ly/236fm5j

F A C E ⋆
Phoenix Custom Blend Foundation
Phoenix Foundation Stick http://bit.ly/2v3zSbd
Phoenix Baked Powder SouthBeach ‣ http://bit.ly/22gKEpB
Sleek Highlighter Palette in Cleopatra’s Kiss

L I P S ⋆
Phoenix Rosewood Lip Liner
Phoenix Pink Diamond Lipstick
Dose of Colours Desi X Katy Over The Top Lipgloss


I woke up like this – How to get the Natural Look

Flawless Natural Makeup Tips

‘The best thing is to look natural – but it takes makeup to look natural” – Calvin Klein

Less in most cases is more, but when it comes to looking beautifully natural or creating an elegant but effortless appearance it takes more than what meets the eye.

When you see natural looking models in photo shoots who look like they have no makeup on, more than likely they are wearing more makeup than Christina Aguilera in one of her video clips. kim-kardashian-is-launching-her-own-makeup-line-a-2-18600-1497438208-0_dblbig

It takes countless products, application tools and for celebrities a whole team of style gurus to make skin look absolutely flawless and naturally beautiful. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve a stunning, faultless look when in reality no one is perfect or has the ability to look ideal. Even Marilyn Monroe one of the world’s most beautiful icons, spent 2 to 3 hours doing her makeup before she would be photographed.

Finding a natural makeup look differs for everyone as we all have our own special features, faults and unique beauty. The best place to start is to decide what you like and what you don’t then minimize and down play areas you don’t like and bring out features you do.

Here are 5 top products that will have you well-on-the-way to creating a naturally radiant makeup.



Concealer is a marvelous invention that I would be lost without! Not only does concealer hide flaws, cover spots & blemishes, conceal uneven skin tone and pigmentation it can also be used as a makeup base for lipstick and eye shadows to improve their wear. Use concealer where you need it and apply with your fingers for a result that leaves the product blended into your skin.

Mineral-Powder-Foundation-477x477Bronzing Powder
Bronzer is the perfect natural makeup product. Use bronzer to frame your face and contour, use a blush and eye shadow. With its multi uses, Bronzing Powder is a winner. It gives the skin a gorgeous natural glow, a soft contour which sculpts your face in a subtle way, and it can be worn with or without foundation. Bronzer brings your skin to life by making it look healthier and alive.

Volume-X-Mascara-477x477Mascara or Eyelash Extensions
A must have is mascara, even tinted eyelashes need mascara for volume.
It opens up the eye and curves the lashes. So many colours are available. The biggest beauty trend internationally is eyelash extensions, they come in all sorts of different thicknesses and lengths and they mean you don’t have to apply mascara at all, so you can have fluttering lashes all the time.


Mineral Blush Pink Quartz 02 smallBlusher

Often associated with past fashion beauty blunders, blusher applied correctly can give you a healthy and flattering glow. Apply low on your face below the apples of your cheeks for a subtle
and natural look. Opt for a soft subtle pink, peach or nude shade to start off with.


Brow postBrows
When your eye brows are professionally shaped and kept tidy they make a huge difference. Colour in your brows and shape well then you can get away with wearing a lot less makeup. They give a neatly groomed finish to a naturally made up face.


Show me your Natural makeup looks! Use the hashtag #phoenixrenata on Instagram, or tag me in your Facebook photos. I’d love to see your natural makeup pics.

Phe. xo.