Refresh your Look

Refresh your Look

Tips on looking refreshed, awake and alive!


A busy week or a previously social weekend will often show on your face, and sometimes the general day to day makeup routine doesn’t quite cut it. Use these helpful tips to get your face looking fresh and revitalized instantly.


White Eyes –

The power of white is magnificent and works wonders, fast. Try a white eye pencil in the inner rim/waterline of your eye as this will widen your eyes and make them look clearer. If you have sore or red eyes it is also handy to have a bottle of Clear Eyes near to get rid of unwanted red pupils.


Highlighter –

Use a correcting highlighting concealer, these are light reflecting and draw light to darker areas which minimizes flaws. Use around eyes, on your temples, nose, chin and dab onto your cheeks.


Brows –

Prim and proper brows open your eyes and tidy your appearance. Natural and full looking eye brows will make your face appear more youthful due to the full brows that children have, but ensure they are tidy or else they will look unruly and messy.

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Home Facial –

A home made facial can be invigorating for your skin and leave you with a healthy glowing face. Try searching for online recipes and you will find that you usually have all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboards. Egg yolk is amazing for minimizing red capillaries, and cucumber is fantastic for decreasing puffiness around eyes.


Water in all Forms –

Drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins in your body giving your skin an unhealthy appearance. Plus use water as an aid throughout your day, put mineral water into a spray bottle and spritz your face gently throughout the day. This will hydrate your skin and will give a dewy glow to your makeup.


Blow Wave –

No matter how perfect your makeup looks or how healthy your skin is, if you walk out the door with messy unstyled hair you will look drab. Spend a few moments blow drying your hair and brush out with a large brush to enhance your volume. A few minutes spent fixing your hair style will make you look refreshed, alive and gorgeous.

How to Solve your Beauty Problems!

Beauty Problem Solvers 

Here are some tips to help solve some common beauty problems, hopefully they help some of you

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Polish Remover has run out? 

If you need to re paint your nails and have discovered you’re all out of remover, try this trick. Coat your nails with a clear base coat one at a time. Leave to dry for a few seconds, then press a cotton pad over your nail and remove it. The base coat and coloured polish will come off in one quick move. Then your nails will be ready for a fresh new coat.


Straight Eye Lashes

Invest in a set of eyelash curlers. They make a huge difference. Gently squeeze your lashes between the cushioned curler pad. Then apply mascara and you will be amazed at the results!


Flaky Mascara 

Mascara begins to flake when it becomes too old. It is recommended to re new your mascara after 3 months of use. The constant air access to the wand and mascara dries out the product; this can be made worse by pumping air into the dispenser when replacing the cap. If mascara flakes on your lashes, the only solution is to remove it thoroughly and make a clean start.


Patchy Powder 

There are 2 reasons your face powder will go patchy after you apply it. Firstly make sure you use a powder puff, sponge or powder brush when applying and do so over cleanly moisturized skin. If there are dry patches on your face then powder will grab and become patchy and therefore moisturizing will even out dry areas. Secondly powder needs to be closely matched to your skin tone. Make sure you try powder on in daylight when purchasing to ensure you get the right colour match.


Smudged Eyeliner and Mascara

The oils around our eyes naturally seep out throughout the day and will crease and move eye makeup. To stop the oils apply a concealer around your whole eye area – it works as a barrier to block. To stop smudging eye liner set the pencil with a similar coloured eye shadow, making the liner dry and it gives an extra layer for longer wear.


Red-toned skin or embarrassing blushes 

Green and yellow tinted concealers and foundations are designed to tone down redness in the skin. Opposite to red on the colours wheel is: green. Opposing colours contrast each other out, applying these concealers to your skin will ease redness. But go lightly and use under your skin toned foundation.


Yellow Nails 

Yellow nails are usually caused by wearing dark coloured nail polish without using a protective clear base coat, so always wear one to prevent this from happening. To cure yellow nails, rub them with lemon juice to remove the stains. Try going polish free for a week. If your problem occurs, consult your doctor to check that there’s no underlying cause.

Have a great week guys! Phoenix.

Pink Spotlight Halo Eye Tutorial

♡ This weeks video I was inspired by the Spotlight trend from Instagram so I have created a halo spotlight eye using pinks from the Morphe 35b Palette. This is a Eye Tutorial but check out my other videos for more full face glam tutorials!

♡ Have you seen my previous Client Makeup Tutorial video where I recreated a look Kim Kardashian wore at a red carpet event? Check it out;


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Morphe 35b Palette
Phoenix Eyeshadow in Sunspark
M.A.C White Chroma Paint
Colour Pop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadows in Drift & Dear
Phoenix Eyeshadow Black Magic
Phoenix Water Resistant Black Mascara
Phoenix Lashes in 3D

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