Rosegold & Copper Metallic Glitter Eyes

♡ Today I am using my Favourite colour (Rosegold) and mixing it with Copper and glitter to create a super fun sparkling look.
I hope you enjoy todays Eye Tutorial.

♡ Have you seen my previous video?
I filmed a GRWM and gorgeous Fran, Miss Pin Up NZ, its a super cute video – Check it out;


E Y E S ⋆
P Louise Beauty Academy Palette
P Louise Eyeshadow Palette
Inglot Pigment 119 Rosegold
Mehron Copper Pigment and Mehron Liquid Mixer
Phoenix Water Resistant Black Mascara
Phoenix Monroe Lashes

L I P S ⋆
Phoenix Rosewood Lip Liner
Phoenix Lipstick in Playful
Phoenix Gloss in Pixie

Monochrome Makeup

Monochromatic Makeup


Utilise a single colour with makeup to shape, define and blend.
Easily create a mono-chromatic version of your best self.

Mono = one, Chromatic = colour

My favourite type of Monochrome makeup is when its Nude. The best thing about going nude is the ease it takes to create a natural and stunning makeup. A nude look is so effective and ever so flattering if done using various depths of just one shade

Go natural for day or deepen for night, in any outfit for any occasion. A natural, mono-chromatic makeup style brings out your best features;

Here is how to get this look quickly, precisely and naturally: 

Begin by squeezing a pea sized drop of foundation onto the back of your hand. Mix this with a large foundation brush and apply to your face. Start in the middle of your face and blend outwards. Mix your foundation with concealer to create one colour and sweep this over your eye lids, this will give you a great base for longer eye shadow wear, it also helps to neutralise the area.

For contouring apply a beige eye shadow or blush in a shade darker than your skin tone right under the cheek bone to create contour with a slightly pointed brush.


9a4993ee535267f51b313fb60acb5cb3Define your eyebrows by filling them in with a dark shadow, following the shape of the brow.

With a fluffy angular brush, apply eye shadow
under your lower lashes and sweep up into the crease of your eyes to add definition and shape. Take that same c
olour of eye shadow used for your brows and add this also to the crease of your eye to add more depth, do this with a brush designed for blending.

Add a tiny amount of shadow to highlight on your lids with a brush and also place right under your brow. Again using the same shadow used in your eye brow, take the shade right across your top lash line. Apply mascara, do this in the direction that your hair grows.


Monochrome-Makeup-370x230Next, block out some of the colour in your lips with your foundation. Remove some of the shine away with a powder and a large powder brush or puff.

Then apply a lipstick colour similar to your skin tone, just slightly deeper. Use a lip brush for application to create a nice creamy lip. Dab over top a nude lip gloss colour for a natural sheen.

Have a great week my mono-chrome babes! Phoenix. xx.