How to Fix Your Brows When You’ve Royally Stuffed Them Up

Chances are, you’ve never had full-on Cara¬†brows, but you’ve probably over-plucked at least once (haven’t we all!). A few years ago, the full brow trend came back in full force and actually stuck around, proving not to be a “trend” at all. And unfortunately leaving the skinny-browed gals among us wondering how we’d ever recover from bad wax jobs and bring our brows back to their former glory!

Luckily, The Pink Ladies have 3 tips to help you transform your brows from weak… to fleek!

1.) Put down the tweezers. We repeat: Put. Down. The. Tweezers.
It usually takes about three to four weeks for eyebrows to grow back from a shaping, good or bad. But, if you have thin brows, it can take up to three months or more. The best advice is patience: don’t be tempted to pluck the “odd stray hair” just stop tweezing and give your brows a chance to grow back.

2.) Get your hands on some LiBrow serum
LiBrow is the second chance you never thought your eyebrows would get. No other eyebrow conditioner on the market uses true cosmeceutical technology to give you full, bold brows. It’s¬†Physician formulated & clinically tested and we stock it in Phoenix stores nationwide!

3.) Fake it till you make it
We love to use powders for the illusion of thick brows until they actually do grow back thick! You can easily manipulate how bold you want them to be, just be careful not to apply too much brow powder. Pro tip: Your brows should never walk into a room before you do.


– The Pink Ladies xx