7 Reasons Why Your Brow Game Is NOT On Fleek

It’s the year 2017, and in this era, having A+ ‘brow game’ is basically a must.

A pretty pair of brows is a great way to frame your face and bring out your eyes, but when they’re the wrong shape or wrong shade they can detract more than complement.

Luckily, the Pink Ladies have compiled a list of 7 of the most common mistakes people make when shaping and maintaining their brows. Find out why they’re no-nos, and see if you’ve been making these mistakes yourself!

1. You’ve tried to make twins out of sisters
Your eyes are not identical. Your brows shouldn’t be either. Whilst on the quest for perfectly symmetrical brows – you’re going to end up over-plucking. Don’t stress if your brows have minor differences, it’s normal. Brows are sisters, not twins. (If you want to 100% guarantee having your brows shaped to perfection – we recommend booking in with an expert Pink Lady!)

2. You’ve over-plucked the gap between your brows
This is a super common one. Many people in an attempt to get rid of the mono-brow once and for all, wind up taking away too much hair and creating a big space between their brows. Doing this disrupts the proportions of your face, making your eyes appear farther apart than they actually are and causing your nose to look wider. The closer your brows are together, the thinner your nose will appear and vice versa.

3. You’re using the wrong shade of eyebrow pencil/powder
Just because you have dark brown hair, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a dark brown product. Opt for something one or two shades lighter than your actual hair colour instead. It will look less harsh and more natural that way.

4. You’ve made them way too square and angular
If the start of your brows looks ‘boxy’ you’re doing something wrong. No one naturally has eyebrows that look square in the front, so if you’re filling them in this way, it’s going to come off very harsh and unnatural.

5. You’ve shortened your brow too much
Try holding a pencil diagonally from the outside corner of your eye, the point at which the pencil crosses the brow is where the tail should end. A lot of women over pluck the tails of their eyebrows and end up looking like they have only half a brow.

6. You’re applying your brow product with a heavy hand
A good brow product can really up your brow game when used correctly, but many of us tend to be a bit too heavy-handed when applying it. Instead of a hard line, powder in your brows using a brow brush – being gentle with short, light strokes for a more natural look.

7. You filled in your brows before doing the rest of your makeup
It’s crazy how many people do this. Foundation, then brows.. right? Wrong. It is easier to get the correct shade of brows, once you have done the rest of your makeup. If you do your brows first, then you are quite likely to either apply too little colour, leaving them looking thin and undefined. Or go too overboard, resulting in your brows taking all the attention away from the rest of your features.


– The Pink Ladies xx