MIROMODA the Indigenous Māori Fashion Apparel Board (IMFAB) was founded as an organisation instituted to advance the quality status of Māori fashion design and to raise its artistic and professional standards. And to also define a code of ethical practices of mutual benefit in public and trade relations; as well as promote appreciation of the fashion arts through leadership in high quality and aesthetic discernment.

MIRO is the technical term used in traditional Māori weaving for twining fibres.

MODA is Italian for fashion.

The 2017 NZ Post Miromoda showcase was a highlight of the New Zealand Fashion Week schedule where people can rightfully expect the unexpected. One of NZFW’s biggest shows, with over 30 female and male models, it featured an impressive line-up of eight local designers – Jacob Coutie, Gienipha Tutaki, Nichola Te Kiri, Christopher Huia-Woods, Lah Laufiso, Nicola Mackintosh, Misty Ratima and Jimmie MacKay.

In keeping with inviting other indigenous fashion designers as guests, The Layplan team comprises Tongan Lavinia Mafi and Samoan, Talia Betham. They say look to the environment for inspiration and predictably, we were reminded of this evolutionary rock star. The theme for the NZ Post Miromoda Showcase 2017 is the resilient tuatara that translates to ‘peaks on the back’.

Phoenix & The Pink Ladies have been doing the makeup for Miromoda since 2011. This year there were gold tones in the collections, so we designed the gold reptile streaks in the makeup. We used real gold leaf and were surprised but thrilled to see actual gold foil raining down on the models mid-show as it tied in with the makeup look even more.

Here are some photos and video of this year’s show! xx


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