4 Beauty Looks for the Festive Season

The festive season is upon us, bringing with it a busy social calendar full of excuses to get dressed up and rock glamorous make-up. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or getting ready for the office party, The Pink Ladies have the beauty tricks to keep you looking your best this Christmas!

We have put together 4 of our favourite makeup trends that you must try over this coming party season…


What other time of the year do you have the excuse to really add glamour to your makeup? This is it, so don’t be afraid to really work a black winged eye, take it as large or as understated as you desire! This is a great look that suits just about anyone — fun, flirty and playful!

We love Phoenix Creme Liner, it stays put all day and well into the night. Perfect, instant glamour!



The possibilities are endless, whether you rock a silver metallic eye or a sexy metallic brown or copper hue, the point is, a metallic eye is a must! To put it simply, liquid shadows are the best, they apply like a dream and have the staying power. Apply your choice of shadow with your finger and set with translucent powder, if needed.

We love Phoenix Liquid Eyeshadow for its amazing wearability and longevity — it wears up to 8 hours! Definitely the look of this party season!



The nude lip is the secret weapon of many a bombshell, think Brigitte Bardot and the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Need we say more? But remember, not all nudes are made equal. For the fairer skin tones go for nudes with pink undertones and for the warmer ones, look for nudes with a rose-beige undertone.

We love the Phoenix Limited Edition Matte lipstick range (the shade “Bare Truth” is a favourite) and Phoenix Lipliner in “Flesh“!



Highlighters are fantastic at giving you that youthful glow.

  • Dot highlighter along cheekbones and blend.
  • Apply highlighter to the high points of face before foundation.
  • Or mix a drop of illuminating highlighter into your liquid foundation before application.


Our favourite “Phoenix Illuminating Highlighter“, delivers a gorgeous, healthy glow every time!

We hope these tips make this party season a fun, glamorous and memorable one!

– The Pink Ladies xx