Corporate Women – How to wear Makeup like a Boss

Makeup for the Professional Women 

 As professionals in the work place it is important we look professional and presentable to create a good impression to clients and colleagues yet also important not to draw too much attention to our makeup; on the job it’s the standard of our work that counts.

When doing your make-up everyday for the office you need makeup that lasts long and stays put under pressure and stress. The less touch ups throughout the day, the better for times sake. It is also important that your makeup reflects you and enhances your skin and beauty without looking over done. There are 4 important steps to creating an office look.

The first step is to get a perfect foundation and colour match for your skin type and tone. When finding the right shade of foundation always try it on before you buy, and check the colour in the sun. Custom Blend foundations are best as you have the shade mixed perfectly to your skin by a professional.

Matte skin looks professional, it doesn’t draw attention and it looks flawless. Use a Mineral Powder or a Blot Powder over your liquid or cream foundation and apply all over your face with a big powder brush. Powder can make your makeup base last longer and stay put. It also takes away shine and oils.

Take the time to get your base makeup applied right. The more time you spend blending and buffing the foundation and powder into your skin the better it will look, and the longer it will last. Skin is the most important step so spend the time to get it looking great.

Brows are the power feature of your face. They can make you feel powerful and strong.
Get your brows shaped so they look trim and neat. Colour in brows with a brow pencil or shade to create depth and fill in the natural shape. Shaped and coloured brows look powerful and give you a sense of character.


Micro Bubble Lipstick 01You will need a lipstick that lasts & kicks ass! Apply your foundation to your lips when you first apply your makeup, this creates a base for your lipstick and pencil. Use a lip pencil to outline your lips and then fill in with lipstick. When choosing the right shade of lipstick you need a colour with boldness and medium depth. Don’t opt for anything too bright or dark, light or glossy. Go for medium tones in colours like berry, brown reds and mauve brown. Apply lipstick with a lip brush for an extra precise lip finish. Try a liquid matte lipstick for extra staying power.

Choose a scent that you love, but nothing too over powering. The trick to applying perfume so it doesn’t smell too strong is to pull the bottle back an arms length away from your body then spray. If held too close your skin latches to the alcohol in the fragrance not the scent. Never apply perfume to the front of your chest, the alcohol in perfume and cause your skin to burn and years of doing this will make your skin red and irritated.

To make perfume stay on and last the distance, use the complimentary body lotion on your skin. That way the perfume when sprayed overtop absorbs into the body lotion and sinks into your skin.

Marilyn Monroe used to spray and walk into her scent, that way you wear the perfume – it doesn’t wear you.

Slay the workplace with your mad skills ladies! 

Have a fabulous week – Phe xx