Skincare Rules for Girls who love Sports

Sporting Great Skin
A cleansing routine for the active lifestyle

We all love to exercise outdoors when the sun is shining. Exercise enhances oxygen flow to the skin, flushes out impurities from its surface, and promotes production of oil, your skin’s natural moisturizer. For good health we need natural sunlight to prevent depression in the winter and to activate vitamin D, which increases bone density. Some research even shows that sunlight has a protective effect against hypertension and some autoimmune diseases. 

If you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer, triathlete or a health and fitness enthuasiast you will need to take good care of your skin. Use products that naturally cleanse and moisturizer your skin without the use of drying or harsh chemicals.
As a sports lover your skin is under more stress than normal. Sports players sweat more, spend more time in the sun, and shower more often. Perspiration, sun damage, and physical bruising are only some of the possible causes for your skin to be damaged while playing. You need products that restore essential nutrients and help prevent dry, cracked skin, acne breakouts, and even infections.

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Remove your makeup at the end of each day by using a cleaner. Try cotton pads and a toner after cleansing off your makeup as this removes any residue left on your skin. Using cotton pads are a fantastic way to visually see the makeup and dirt being removed, and then you can also tell exactly when your skin is completely cleaned by the results on your cotton pads.
Re cleanse every morning to remove any grime and dirt you have collected during the night. Vigorously cleansing your skin will keep it in healthy tip-top condition. 

Physical activity will dehydrate the body especially when playing sports. It is so important for active people to regularly hydrate themselves with fluids. This is not only good for the skin but for the body as a whole. It is important to take extra sensitive care by washing your skin using a body wash. A loofah is a luxurious way to use body scrubs in the bath or shower.
If you play a lot of outdoor sports, your skin is especially vulnerable to sun damage. Ultraviolet rays can penetrate and permanently damage your skin. If you play outdoor sports always apply sun block with a high SPF and use it regularly throughout the day.

Light lotion moisturisers will revive your skin and bring welcomed hydration. Choose one that won’t clog your pores and that feels light weight once on. Looks for products that are organic, that contain mineral oils and are fragrance free.

1. Avoid sun burn
Protect your skin by applying regular sunscreen, wear light weight clothing and if you can wear a wide brimmed hat.
1. Eat foods that are good and healthy for your skin
Eat a varied and nutritious diet and it’s amazing what can happen to your skin – you will see the results.
3. Drink plenty of fluids
Fluid intake is vital for good health and skin, keep your water intake up.

Take care of your skin sports lovers – Phoenix xxx