Find Your Signature Scent

Find Your Signature Scent
Discover the perfume that defines you.

Everyone seeks to find a signature scent that encompasses the essence of who they are.
Finding the right fragrance to suit your personality can take seconds, or it can be very challenging.  Perfume expresses your personality the same way fashionand accessories do. A great perfume adds a finishing touch to what you’re wearing – and a classic perfume can become your individual scent that people recognize you by.

efa632d704fdca2fb632b2fbcace3872--pink-perfume-perfume-trayIt is easy to be persuaded by extravagant and glossy perfume advertisements but like choosing foundation it is a mistake to decide what you want without first trying it on. Remember that the description of a perfume no matter how persuasive is only a description. The different scents in perfumes can change and smell different on your skin. Sometimes the scent you love most in the bottle, smells entirely different when you wear it. Perfumes that contain quality ingredients are crucial and it is very important that when you wear your perfume you feel great.
The first step is to think about what kinds of smells you find most attractive. Do your research. Do you love the smell of baking? There are a lot of perfumes these days based around the scent of vanilla or marshmallows.
Are you a beach person who loves the smell of the ocean? The new oceanic fragrances might be right for you.

You may not think you want to smell like tea or fresh laundry! But if you like these smells they may be a clue to the sort of perfume you are looking for.

The six main categories of perfume are 

  1. Floral – Sweet flowers as the dominant scent, very feminine and romantic 
  2. Fruity – Spicy and fresh scents with fruits
  3. Oceanic – Modern scents that use synthetic elements to smell strongly of the sea and its environs. 
  4. Greens- Fresh energetic scents that remind you of the outdoors. 
  5. Orientals –  Sexy, exotic and intense scents that smell of musk, vanilla, spices and opulent heavy flowers. 
  6. Woody –  Bark, moss and other natural essences.  


Orientals are intense and tend to be more suited to eveningwear and special occasions while greens are more appropriate for casual wear.

Lighter perfumes are refreshing during hot weather and heavier perfumes are comforting in the cooler months.

images-3Once you have a good idea of what type of perfume you are after, you are ready to approach the shop counter and find a skillful salesperson to help you. Always try a perfume out on your skin, not on those little bits of cardboard the sales people are so ready to offer you. Perfume mixes with your own personal scent and smell and is different on different people, so never assume that a perfume that smells great on a friend will smell good on you.

Never sniff perfume immediately after you spray it. If it has alcohol in it this will assault your senses.  Remember that most perfumes will go through three stages called the top, middle and base notes. You cannot judge a perfume simply on its top notes although this is what will make the first impression. As the middle and base note scents take longer to come through, it is best to wear the perfume for a whole day to test if you like it by the evening.

Take your time and enjoy your search – once found, the right perfume can become a part of your personal identity.