Things you should NEVER do to your Eyebrows

Things your should NEVER do to your Eyebrows 

I’ve compiled a list of things I think are super important to avoid if you want beautifully groomed, full or shaped Eyebrows.
Eyebrows are such an important feature on your face, they frame your eyes & have been known to be called ‘The Window Frames to your Soul” therefore… giving them a bit of love and attention should be high on your beauty priority list

Here’s what NOT to do;

Over Pluck

While you might have heard that you should never pluck above the brow, that isn’t quite true, Plucking above the brow is best left to the professionals, as over tweezing this area can lead to the disappearance of your Brows arch. However over plucking generally does lead to problems. Its best to get your Brows professionally shaped so the right hair removal can be chosen for you, and so you don’t have any hiccups where your brows end up looking sparse and patchy.

Tweezing Brows too Young
If you are 16 and under, then tweezing your brows too early can lead to a disastrous beauty blunder. I have so many older clients who regret tweezing too young. You can traumatise the skin and hair if done too early and this completely stops hair growth. Often women with very thin brows say to me “I tweezed too young and they never grew back” – So please wait until your over 16 and then go to see a professional you trust to give you a gorgeous full shape.

Too Much from the Middle video-eyebrows-shape
Nobody wants a Mono Brow (Lets face it, we can’t all be as beautiful as Frida Khalo), but tweezing too much from the middle and taking the start of your brows too far out can lead to a unnaturally wide gap. Vertically lining up a makeup brush from the inner tear duct can help you work out how far is too far.

Try to Match them Perfectly

Cork, Ireland

I often tell people that Eyebrows are sisters and not twins. Everyones face shapes are different and quite often without realising one eye can be slightly higher than the other, resulting in a different placement of each eyebrow. Try to embrace their difference as not all of us are blessed with a symmetrical face. And quite frankly, trust me, no one is looking that hard at your face to work out the differences anyway.

Forget to Sharpen your Tweezers

Yes, you read that correctly! Tweezers need to be sharpened. They loose their sharpness just like a knife, and need to be re sharpened every so often (usually every six months). If you have brought a professional pair of tweezers then that company should offer a sharpening service. Alternatively throw out your tweezers when they aren’t doing the same job anymore and buy a new pair. It will work wonders, trust me! Also, don’t forget to clean your tweezers… this is a must.

Keep those Brows looking fabulous xxx Phe