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Giving yourself a make over can do so much more for you than confidence alone. A whole new look with clothes that flatter your figure, make-up that accentuates your features and a hairstyle that makes your hair look healthier than ever can do wonders for your inner self esteem.

You can have a make-over for the sake of it! If you have just split up with a partner or perhaps are applying for a new job a make-over is a positive act to do – but you can also do it just for the self confidence it gives.




Do not let your insecurities overpower you

Don’t spend too much time on social media and when you do, practise gratitude and do not get caught in the trap of self comparison! Everyone has issues, no matter how fabulous they look from the outside, no one has it all together.


Dive out of your comfort zone 

It is far too easy to get into the same beauty routine day after day. Women get used to dressing a certain way as they think it is the only way that works for them. Find a clothes boutique or department store where the sales assistants are well trained and try 3 new styles you have never tried before. Try different colours, cuts and fabrics. Not every experiment works but one new style will prove there are more ways than you thought to look your best.


Colour Splash 

Avoid a blackout by wearing all black. Colour can make you feel great, so if you always opt for black – try something new you will be surprised how it makes you feel.


Have a pamper moment

Treat yourself to a massage, facial or body exfoliation to affirm to yourself that you are worth the splurge.


Maximize the positive

Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is architecture: It’s a matter of proportions.”  Everyone feels they have flaws and parts of their body they dislike however there are clever ways to minimize these areas and divert the eye elsewhere. Try different styles and use horizontal (widening), vertical (elongating), and diagonal (sliming) lines as necessary.


Clean out your closet 

Keeping old clothes that you never wear can be disastrous for your self esteem. Whether you are keeping old clothes in hopes of either fitting into them again one day or for fear you will grow back into them – you are keeping old wounds open.  They reinforce what you used to look like and stop you from living in the present. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn for 2 years, it is the perfect opportunity to go shopping and get something new and pretty.





Clear Out

For a whole new make-up look the best place to start is by doing a make-up cleanout. Get rid of anything you know doesn’t look good on you and keep items you never knew how to use so that you can make the time to learn. It feels good to do a spring clean, take the make-up you never wear to your local women’s refugee so someone else can use what you haven’t.

Mascara and lipsticks are the quickest product to expire if you have had a lipstick for over 2 years – bin it! It is most likely gone off and has a funny smell. Mascaras last for 3 months anytime after this they could cause an eye irritation.

Go to your local make-up boutique and ask for help regarding products you don’t know how to use. You may pick up some useful tips and you may discover you had a whole new look just waiting for you in your make-up draw which you won’t need to spend any money on. If you can’t get down to a salon – then look online for advice.

After your makeup draw clear out you will know what you have and what you don’t, make lists so you don’t over spend when you do your make-up shopping.


Gorgeous Skin 
Skin is the most important part of a beauty make-over. The health of your skin reflects in your complexion and how make-up sits and wears. Take good care of your skin to ensure you get beautiful results when wearing make-up. Your diet plays a big role for your skins health – try to eat healthy and clean up your diet. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and whole grains. Avoid sugar and saturated fat. Regular exercise will also work magic on your skin.


The skin on your body also needs attention. Special body brushes remove dead skin cells and can reduce cellulite. Body moisturizer used daily will keep the skin smooth.


With make-up the best thing to do is experiment. Make-up is not a tattoo it easily washes off. Do not be afraid to try new colours and have fun. It is a bit like painting – it is creative and colourful. Like any skill you get better the more you practice so take every opportunity to learn something new.

Women will easily get stuck in a rut with how they apply their makeup. For one week try using a different product or colour. If there is a colour you have never tried – go ahead and see what it looks like. If you always wear powder blusher, try cream instead. If you always wear lip gloss try lipstick. You will be pleasantly surprised how a change in makeup can quickly result in compliments from those around you.


Eye Colour 
Try these suggestions for a new eye make-up style

gold eye merlot lip

Liquid Eyeliner – Use a coloured liner for a change to black or brown. Plum compliments green eyes, orange bronze compliments blue eyes, and forest green compliments hazel brown eyes.

Eye Metallic – Use a shimmery pigment or glittery eye shadow for a dazzling eye look. Your eyes will sparkly  use sparingly for a subtle but stunning finish.

Cream Eye shadow – Try a creamy eye shadow or eye paint for a soft and wet look. Use your fingers to apply and lightly dust over with a transparent powder to ensure the makeup lasts all day long.


Brushes make all of the difference with how makeup looks when it is applied. Brushes will give you beautiful blending and flawless finishes. If you have never invested in a good set of brushes now is the time to do so. The key to makeup is to blend and having the correct tools to do this will give you amazing results.




A change in hair style or improving your hairs condition will instantly boost your spirits.

Try a new cut and style or a new hair colour. If a trip to a hair salon is an expensive outgoing this season try the hair academies. The graduated student needs people to practice on, it takes twice the time but is a third of the normal cost. Just take along a picture so they have an idea of what you are after.

There are also Colour bars now where you go simply for a colour – the hair colorists are trained in applying colour, they don’t cut hair. They charge half the price of normal salons and you know you will get a great job as it is their specialty.

If you are happy with your style and length of hair then a new product can make all the difference to spruce your hair up. Try a gel just for hair shine, a new spray or invest in quality shampoo and conditioner. Hair products make all the difference to your hair texture and condition and they smell delicious to!



Accessories can light up an outfit and make you feel classy and more dressed up. Use a head band, broach or bangle to add colour and texture to your hair or outfit. They are an inexpensive fashion tool. Add pozzaz  to a black outfit and excitement to a plain one.


Bridal Beauty Tips

Have fun making yourself over this month. Look good and feel great!