Your Essential Night Time Beauty Routine

Your essential night time beauty routine


With the busy schedules business women and mums alike have, it is important to step back every now and then and make time to pamper ourselves. I highly recommend a regular beauty routine in the evenings. Not only does it work wonders for your skin, but it also gives you a bit of rest and recovery and time to yourself. I suggest locking the bathroom door and creating an ultimate haven for relaxation and repair. Life is exhausting and can drain the glow and shine out of your skin and body so create a calming environment and completely indulge.

Firstly a luxurious bath is the ideal time to treat yourself with lavish face masks, body scrubs and oils. Put your feet up and soak in a body oil or bath salts, this will leave your skin felling soft and supple.


Whilst relaxing, make the most of your time to replenish and revitalize your skin. Face masks are the perfect tool for bringing tired and dull skin back to top form, giving a glowing complexion once used. Try a hydrating gel mask made with a honey or lavender base, the scent leaves your skin smelling delicious.

Don’t forget to treat your feet and legs; you will love a revitalizing foot scrub, this feels heavenly and leaves your feet and legs feeling refreshed.

After a long soak, keep your skin feeling invigorated by allowing your skin to lap up skin care products. Serums are a great start, they help your skin absorb moisturizers and they provide a protective coating. Serums can be applied on your face and neck area for optimal results.


You will enjoy using a body lotion on your body, and a moisturiser on your face after the serum, it will help soothe and revive body and mind, ready for life outside the bathroom door. Your body lotion and moisturizer cream lock in the active ingredients from your eye creams, prescription creams, and serums. This is why it is often stated by cosmetic skin care companies that serums work best with a matching moisturizer.

All of this pampering can be achieved in less than 40 minutes. So take the time out, refresh and indulge, give yourself a new lease on life – you deserve it!

Phoenix Renata