How to hide a Skin Breakout

Makeup Secrets to Flawless Skin

Once when I had a huge breakout, and I was so self conscious of my bumpy skin, I put on my makeup and went to my store to spend the day beautifying people. A friend of mine came in store, and I told her about my bad skin, and she said “Phoenix, WHERE?” – ahhhh, success!! I successfully covered that bumpy skin with little to no evidence of the breakout.
So in this weeks blog, I am going to give you my Top Secrets to the art of makeup and diminishing pores, imperfections and break outs; here goes…

1. Redness and pigmentation
If your skin gets red, or you have birth marks or your cheeks get flushed, green concealer is the best thing to use! Lots of people know this, but they don’t know the reasoning behind it. On the colour wheel, (a scale of colour) green is opposite to red. This means they are contrasting tones and they counter balance each other. So when you place green over red, it disguises the red! Genius.
The best way to use a green concealer is minimal. Apply a small amount to primed skin before applying foundation or concealer. Use it sparingly to dab over any redness. A little goes a long way.
Then apply your foundation and concealer as usual, you will be amazed at the results!
Interestingly enough – the same works for other colours on the spectrum; Orange is opposite Blue, therefore if you have grey blue dark circles under your eyes, a peach orange toned concealer is going to work miracles. Yellow is opposite purple, so yes, a yellow concealer is going to help diminish purple veins and circles! Give it a go but just apply with a minimal and gentle touch.

2. Pimples, Breakout and Acne
I think its important when going Full coverage with your base, to slowly build up the coverage, I like to call this layering. Layering is a tool that with a little effort can look incredible. To build coverage and hide bumps on the skin I like to use dabbing motions with my brushes or sponges, bit by bit slowly dabbing on the product to give a full coverage that looks natural but completely hides spots.
When you need a Ru Paul style, give me all the makeup I can get makeup base, a spatula is your best friend. You can even use a wooden stick to do this (like a popsicle stick!). Put a generous amount of concealer onto a spatula or flat stick and lay the concealer onto the bump, then buff and blend the sides out. The spatula gives off a generous dose of product and you can literally sculpt out a flawless smooth finish.


3). Covering Scars and dents
Tip one is to try the spatula trick we just talked about. Tip two is to go light with the powder. Sure, you need to set any heavy makeup with a powder, but if you go too heavy you will make the concealer look heavy and thick and the powder shows the flaws even worse than before. Once you’ve put a layer of foundation or concealer over the scarred area, spray with a Fix Makeup spray, then lightly powder using a large brush. Then spray again with a Fix Makeup spray. This will give a natural finish on the skin and will also make your base stay all day.


4). I am not a fan of heavy powder, and particularly not with a break out. Matte Powders give a dry look, and will often bring more light to a bumpy area. Your skin looks so matte that it starts to look dehydrated and the coverage your are trying to achieve looks obvious and cakey.
I recommend applying powder before foundation. Get a nice smooth powdery finish on the skin first. Then go in with concealer and foundation, and opt for a foundation that has a powder finish (like a Creme compact or a stick foundation that is creamy but sets matte) rather than an actual powder. It will help your skin look hydrated and healthy and not powdery and matte.

Flatlay - concealer 3

5). A Red Lipstick can take the focus away from bumpy skin. Red lipstick is a life save r for so many reasons! Definitely try for something bold on the eyes or lips, to distract away from the skin.


Make sure that at the end of the day you wash your makeup off with a good cleanser and toner. Keep your skin as healthy and looked after as possible. Drink loads of water and eat loads of vegetables and your skin will be back to a smooth complexion in no time.

I hope this helps!

Phoenix xx