Eyebrow Rehab

Eyebrow Shaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The window frames to the soul


Fuller brows give the appearance of youth because of the full brows that children have.

Eyebrows do a lot to a face shape – they can change and define your appearance with a single hair.
Shaped brows will open sunken or small eyes, groomed brows give you a instant and pain-free face lift, and arched brows can make round faces appear slimmer.

Best yet you can get away with wearing a lot less makeup if your brows are correctly shaped! Who knew?! 

A thick and full brow does not necessarily mean ‘natural brows’. If you are not a fan of thin or arched brows and feel they give an artificial look and therefore leave your eyebrows o-natural, re consider! Shaped eyebrows look stunning, even thick ones.
Brows completely left to natural devices look overgrown and do not flatter your face. Getting your eyebrows into a great shape does not mean sacrificing the thickness of them. You can have full brows that are beautifully shaped. Fluffy Caterpillars are not on trend girl, believe me.

There are many different ways to shape and tidy your eye brows, here are a few different options to consider.



Tweezers are the perfect tool for tidying and shaping brows.

Make sure your tweezers are a good size for your hand and choose a tip that you feel comfortable using. Flatter and wider tips are great for getting out short hairs, and slanted tips give a good grip on those little fluffy blonde hairs we all have.

Tweezers are the gentlest approach for your skin. They are softer on your skin than pulling hairs out with wax and you can get a very clean finish. They are very precise giving you more precision to create a sharp arch and perfectly lined shape.

Tweezers do go blunt after around six months so either throw them out and get a new pair, or find somewhere that can sharpen your pair for you.



Waxing hair is a time saving approach to shaping brows. Waxing does leave a polished and clean finish to eyebrows as wax tends to pick up all of the little hairs that don’t always catch your eye. However waxing is very harsh on such a delicate area of skin. I would only recommend waxing eyebrows if you have a large amount of hair to remove but generally removing stray brow hairs tweezers would be a softer option. If you prefer to wax for the time convenience just be super careful where you place the wax as it is so easy to take out too much hair.



Eyebrow threading is an incredibly popular form of removing hair. Not only intended for brows, threading is also used on the face to remove facial hair, moustache hair and brows. Models often have their whole faces threaded as it makes such an incredible difference to the way makeup sits on your skin.

Threading is fast and effective, a piece of cotton is used in such a way that it cuts the hair off, fast. The only downfall is that threading is a technical skill – it is a skill used to remove hair, but not all ‘threaders’ are trained to shape brows professionally. Therefore often you get fantastic hair removal but not such a good brow shape. You also need to wait until your hairs have grown to full length before you can get your brows threaded again, leaving you with three to four weeks of re growth.


Some Eyebrow Mistakes to avoid: 

Do go and see a professional Brow Artist to give your brows some love, don’t attempt them yourself unless you are confident, have skill drawing and understand symmetry, and have the right tools. A pair of blunt tweezers you found in your nanas bag from 5 years ago, is definitely not what you want to be using for brows on fleek!

Do keep your brows groomed regularly – the longer you leave between visits to your Brow Artist, the less likely you are to have a constant and similar shape. It also takes much longer at your appointment to remove stray hairs and it means the artist doesn’t always have the full time to dedicate to making your brow shape and arch perfect, as the time is going in to hair removal instead.

Do use a Brow Serum if your brows have faded, thinned or have been tweezed too thin. A brow growth serum can do wonders for bringing back growth, thickness and fullness to your brows.

Eyebrows are utterly important – and character enhancing. Whichever way you choose to shape your brows, keep it up, maintenance is required to keep your eyebrows in good shape

May your Brow Game be strong!

Phoenix Renata