Phoenix Lashes – Mae West

$9.99 $5 flat rate shipping in New Zealand
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and Reuseable
  • Adds volume and length

Phoenix False Eyelashes were designed, tried and tested by brand creator, Phoenix Renata. Each pair will amplify your natural beauty by bringing out your eyes!
All of our False Lashes are gorgeous and lightweight and will compliment eye makeup, without looking too heavy and unnatural.

These Mae West Lashes are a beautiful long length with a fluttery texture and finish. Due to the light-weight make they give off a siren affect. They are perfect for adding volume and length.  

Lashes only, no glue included.

Please note that our lashes are 100% hand crafted, there may be very slight differentials between your pair and the pair you see on the screen. Each lash will work perfectly and will look almost identical to this pair.

Our lashes are made from 100% soft synthetic hairs. They are flexible and lightweight. Do remove the lashes gently from the tray to avoid damaging the band. The lashes sit on a lovely thin band for ease of application!

Latex Allergies: There is a small amount of latex in the glue holding the lashes into the tray. Please remove all of the glue before applying with a Latex-Free glue at your discretion.

Remove the clusters from the tray, apply adhesive to the tip of the cluster. Leave the adhesive on for 15-30 seconds to become tacky. Apply the cluster flare to your lash line. Wear with or without mascara.

Please note that colours may vary from what you see on the computer screen. We do not take responsibility for colour variation. Contact one of our stores if you would like some advice choosing the right shades.