• About Us

    • Who owns Phoenix Cosmetics, is it a franchise?

      Phoenix Cosmetics was developed by Makeup Artist Phoenix Renata. Phoenix owns all of the Phoenix stores, none are a franchise outfit. Phoenix Cosmetics was the brainchild of Mrs Renata who at 15 years old wanted to develop her own makeup line. Phoenix works in the Auckland based Kingsland store as well as running the company from her head office in Swanson.

    • Is Phoenix Cosmetics a kiwi brand?

      Yes. Phoenix Renata our creator is an Auckland born kiwi who owns and operates the company herself.

    • Are Phoenix Cosmetics products tested on animals?

      No they are not. We are cruelty free and this is something Phoenix is very passionate about.

    • Where are the Phoenix stores?

      We have 7 Stores nationwide. Four are based in Auckland in Kingsland, Takapuna, Howick and Pukekohe. We are also in Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. We also stock to various Makeup Artists and salons throughout the country.

      Visit our Contact Page to book an appointment or contact us.

    • Are the Phoenix Cosmetics Makeup and products made in New Zealand?

      No. We do not have the high technology or the factories to make advanced and high quality products in New Zealand. Phoenix Renata researched and developed the line by searching internationally for the world’s top makeup factories.

      All of the products are designed and packaged in New Zealand, but physically made overseas.

    • Does Phoenix Renata make the products herself?

      Phoenix has spent years researching and finding the world’s best cosmetic factories to produce Phoenix Cosmetics. All of our products are designed and packaged here in NZ by Phoenix but the raw product is made overseas.

    • What countries are the Phoenix Cosmetics products made in?

      Phoenix Cosmetics is made in New York and California, USA. Germany, France and Japan.

  • Our Services

    • Eyebrow Magic

      What is different about Brow Shaping at Phoenix?

      Phoenix Renata is known as the Brow Queen. She has developed a unique way of shaping brows which comes from a Makeup Artists perspective. Phoenix has trained all of her Makeup Artists to become Brow Specialists. Makeup Artists are trained to draw and look at face shapes and eye shapes in a corrective light, thus giving us a great eye for Brow Shaping. We don’t just remove brow hairs and tidy, we shape and give you a Brow and arch that is uniquely designed to your face.

      How long does a Brow Magic appointment take?

      It takes 30 minutes.

      Do you use tweezers or do you wax?

      We believe in using tweezers as we are designing a Brow shape and arch and need precision. We also believe waxing around a delicate area of skin such as the brows and eyes is dangerous and can encourage lines and pulled skin. It is easy to take too much of the brow hair by waxing. Tweezers may take a little longer but they give a more precise finish and if done correctly will give you the same bald-skin result that waxing offers.

      Do I have to let my Eyebrow hairs completely grow out before booking a Brow Magic shape?

      No you don’t. Often by letting brows grow out you are letting stray hairs grow which don’t actually affect the shape. We can usually shape a brow anytime as it is about the main shape and not the stray hairs surrounding the brow.

      How often should I book in to have my eyebrows shaped?

      We recommend between 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows.

    • Eyelash Extensions

      How long do Eyelash Extensions last?

      Our Express Lashes last between 2 to 4 weeks. They are applied with ease and speed in a up-right position using a gentle adhesive. You will be given after-care tips at your appointment and following these will make your lashes last as long as possible. Your natural lash cycle will cause your natural lashes to drop thus the eyelash extensions will fall out with them. Our Express lashes are not designed to last longer than 4 weeks although they sometimes can, particularly if you are very careful with them. The lie-down style of lash application means they can use a much stronger adhesive which is why lie-down lashes sometimes last longer.

      How long will my Eyelash Extensions appointment take?

      Depending on the set of lashes you choose your appointment will either take 30 minutes for the lighter more natural sets ‘Sweetheart’, ‘Bottom Lashes’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Betty’ or 45 minutes for the thicker volume-packed sets such as “Obsessed” and “Bombshell”. A Removal and an Eyelash In-Fill will take 30 minutes.

      How should I prepare for my Eyelash Extensions appointment?

      It is very important that you come instore with dry lashes. This is why we ask that you do not wear mascara to your appointment. We can remove mascara in store if we need to, but it is ideal that we have the full appointment time to apply your lashes, it is also important that your lashes are dry and therefore do not have recent eye makeup remover residue on your lashes as this can sometimes affect the wear time.

      What are your Eyelash Extensions made out of?

      Our lashes are silk lashes and occasionally we may use a synthetic lash to achieve a ultra-thick look.

      Do you use Mink Eyelashes?

      No, we are against the use of Mink lashes due to the association with Mink hair and animal cruelty.

      How do I choose which lashes will suit me best?

      At Phoenix Cosmetics we give a consultation prior to the lash application and show you photos of the different lash styles we do. We will discuss the application process, your desired look and our knowledgeable Pink Ladies will recommend what lashes are better suited to you.

      Why do you apply lashes with the client sitting up-right opposed to lying down?

      Eyelash extensions are being applied while you are comfortably sitting upright with your eyes open, looking downwards. This is an efficient way to apply lashes giving our clients the ease of a speedy appointment in what is normally a busy schedule.

      Viewing from the top of your lashes means our artists have the best view of your natural lashes, ensuring natural, clump free results. Many clients love having their lashes applied with their eyes open and not taped shut as you can see what is happening around you. It also gives our artists the opportunity to place the extensions in a specific position opposed to the lashes bending in the same direction as your natural lash. Our artists and you can see the finished lash result instantly and add any extra lashes or change the style if necessary. We use a gentle lash adhesive as not to irritate your eyes whilst open.

      Are Eyelash Extensions bad for my eyelashes?

      With proper care, no they aren’t. Ensure that you follow the aftercare steps, and never pull at your extensions as this may pull your natural hairs. We always recommend that you have a lash removal done if you want the lashes removed, don’t try to do this yourself.

      Similar to having your nails done, if you continually had nails or lashes applied without ever giving your natural nails/hair time to breath then yes they could potentially be damaging. We recommend having a maximum of 2 in-fills done after a brand new set, and then removing the lashes and starting a fresh. Continually in-filling lashes without a break in between could be damaging as it wears down your natural lash hair.

    • Tinting

      How long does a Eyelash and Eyebrow tint last?

      Tinting lasts approximately 3-4 weeks. Try not to use a oil-based cleanser or makeup remover to get a longer wear from your tints.

    • Spray Tans

      What should I do before coming in for a spray-tan?

      It is best to exfoliate your skin. The smoother your skin is, the more even the tan will be. Wear loose clothing to your tan appointment.

      How do I look after my spray-tan and make it last longer?

      • You may notice lines appearing on your tan before you shower, don’t fear, this is just the pigment and will wash away when you shower
      • Avoid getting your tan wet for 1-3 hours afterwards. The longer you wait to wash, the darker the colour will be and the longer it will last
      • Moisturise your skin daily to ensure your tan fades off evenly
      • Using a gradual tanner will act as a tan extender
      • Your tan should last 10 to 15 days if you follow these instructions
    • Make Up

      How long do Make-Overs or Makeup Lessons take?

      We do a half-hour or a full hour make over, and a full hour make-up lesson.

      We recommend a full hour makeover if you are having a more glamorous or themed makeup applied.

    • Bridal

      Do you do Bridal Makeup in-store?

      Yes we sure do and we love having brides in-store! We recommend our full hour make-over which allows enough time for a consultation and makeup application. All of our Pink ladies are talented Makeup Artists, you will be in good hands for your special day.

      Do you do a Makeup trial?

      Yes we do and we recommend choosing the same Makeup Artist who will be there on your special day. A trial is recommended to choose a makeup style you are happy with and to see how the makeup wears throughout the day or evening. It gives you the opportunity to find your perfect look and us the chance to be prepared on the day with a look that is specially designed for you with your approval.

      Do you travel to locations for Wedding Makeup?

      Yes, our team of Pink lady Makeup Artists can travel to your location for your wedding day. It is best to book this in advance to secure the time and date required.

    • Custom Blend Foundation

      How long does it take to match and mix a foundation?

      It takes 5 minutes to sit you down and match your foundation for you. We apply the makeup to your whole face to ensure a correct colour match. The application, match and mix is very speedy process. You do not need to book into a store for this service.

      Can I get a Custom Blend Foundation online?

      Yes you can re-order a foundation by choosing the ‘Your Custom Blend’ option on the product page. You cannot be matched online, your first purchase must be done in-store where we can properly match your skin tone and mix a blend up for you. You can however choose from a range of colours online if you prefer not to come in-store.

      What is the process to re-order a foundation?

      Yes you can re-order a foundation by choosing the ‘Your Custom Blend’ option on the product page or by visiting us in-store. We record all of our clients custom blend mixes on your file in store so that your perfect match is recorded and there is no need to be matched a second time.

      Is there an SPF in the Custom Blend Foundations?

      Yes there is a SPF8 in the Dewy and Matte Custom Blend Foundations. For a higher SPF content you could try our BB Cream which is a SPF30.

      How much product is in a bottle of Custom Blend and how long will this last?

      The bottles are 30ml. This will last approximately 3 months if wearing every day. We highly recommend using a Foundation brush to apply this. As it is a liquid foundation then applying with sponges with absorb the product and you will go through it faster.

  • General

  • Beauty School

    • Why train with us?

      Whether you are interested in makeup for your professional development, or you just want to learn for fun, we will have the course or workshop tailored for your needs.

    • What we offer you:

      Modern Training:

      We are able to offer you extensive training from experienced tutors who are dedicated to the makeup industry.

      Phoenix Product Range:

      You will work with Phoenix Cosmetics, a fantastic product designed and developed by Phoenix Renata specifically for professional and everyday use.

      Professional Opportunities:

      Our brand gives you the opportunity to apply for further career development, to train and work with Phoenix and her team of Makeup Artists known as The Pink Ladies.

      Hands on Work Experience

      The Pink Ladies, the Phoenix team of artists continually work within the fashion industry on fashion shows, photo shoots and promotional events which can give you the opportunity to work first hand on makeup jobs and the chance to assist a make-up artist.

    • What are the career prospects?

      A career as a makeup artist is a very rewarding job and few regret training in this field. Makeup artistry is a creative skill that you can use to further your career in the beauty industry, or specifically specialise in.

      There are many areas of makeup artistry giving you plenty of options: from film and television to fashion, entertainment, beauty therapy and home-based beauty businesses. Makeup artistry enables you to work in a vibrant and exciting industry.

      This profession gives you the opportunity to work internationally. It gives you the benefit of choosing to work for an employer or to be self-employed and have control of where you work. In whatever area you decide to develop, you will have the opportunity to work alongside actors, models, photographers, designers, musicians, celebrities and highly skilled technicians.

      The keys to success in makeup-artistry are to work hard and to maintain a professional and strong work ethic. That along with a positive and can-do attitude.

    • What are the entry requirements?

      We simply require people who want to learn about makeup. You do not need any prior makeup experience.

      You must be over 16 years of age (unless you are doing our school-holiday workshops) and there is no upper age limit.

      You must be a NZ citizen or NZ resident

      You must be in good health and have healthy colour vision.

    • What are the enrolment procedures?


      Join our Phoenix Cosmetics VIP Mailing list to be updated regarding Workshop dates.

    • What do I get on completion of the work shops?

      When you have completed all elements of the workshop at a satisfactory level you will be awarded a Phoenix Cosmetics certification certificate which is recognised and acknowledged in New Zealand by industry professionals.

    • What are the fees and what is included?


      One-off 2 hour lesson: $95 unless otherwise specified for advanced workshops.

      One-off 3 hour lesson: $120 unless otherwise specified for advanced workshops.

      Eyelash Extensions Training: 4 ½ hour workshop

      Workshop Fee: $799
      Eyelash Extensions Kit: $155

      You need to provide x4 models to work on during this workshop.

      The kit will provide you with all of the products you need to begin servicing eyelash extensions in your salon.

    • Do you have any other training courses or workshops?

      We have a wide selection of workshops to suit your needs if you can’t find what you are looking for contact us as we offer a wide array of subjects that aren’t all listed here.